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Founded by similar minded academicians who believe that one must read to enrich oneself, Power Vocabulary answers to most of the queries of school, teachers, parents, and students on vocabulary enhancement. How to understand a word, know the meaning, its change of application as per references and improve reading habits. These are the main areas; our team has focused while designing this Power Vocabulary with the practical guidance of Champs Learning team and students. As a team we are committed to make students better readers and writers which will influence them to become good citizens. This simple purpose drives us to think of creative and innovative tools for learning which are easy to apply. Our team members are vivid readers and few of them are authors too. Each one of us is a teacher by heart and creative in their teaching methods. Our expertise is to make learning simple and with realistic methods. We value the correct meaning of the word as equal to correct pronunciation of it. We have collaborated with many schools across the world. We are currently having hundreds of students using our Power Vocabulary modules. Many of them found it very useful for competitive exam preparation such as 11 Plus exams in UK, or English Olympiad in Asia. Our simple learning solutions are well appreciated and accepted by many training organisations and learning and development teams of government/non-government entities.

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